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The Preakness is not only one-third of horse-racing’s Triple Crown, it is also the East Coast’s largest gathering of shirtless white guys in cargo shorts.  Attracting lacrosse players and sorority girls from Maryland, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania, the Preakness infield is possibly the most public forum for upper-class white kids to act like drunken assholes.

However, this year, Preakness officials have made a break with history and will no longer allow alcohol or any other beverages into the infield.  Instead, 16-oz beers will be available for $3.50 apiece, which translates to “way more expensive per beer than a case of Bud Light” but is still only half the price of a beer at most major league baseball stadiums.  Also, in an attempt to divert people from the sole focus of drinking, organizers have booked ZZ Top and Buckcherry, which — ironically — will likely increase people’s focus on drinking.

In case you’re not well acquainted with the ways of the Preakness infield, look no further than Dan Steinberg’s report and the classic video of Port-a-John racing.  Sadly, people will be less likely to make a gauntlet of thrown beer if they’ve paid $3.50 a pop for them.  But guess what?  There’s no limit on the number of ROCKS you can bring to the infield!  A tradition lives on!

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