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I guess we should do a post on the Preakness, seeing as there’s been a bit of a hullabaloo about this lady horse being favored to win. But some people at the Louisville Courier-Whatzitcalled are worried that everyone’s gonna think of Eight Belles again if something TERRIBLE HAPPENS OH MY GAWD, NO! (via GameOn):

She’s not only the 8-5 Preakness morning-line favorite, she’s also instant adrenaline for horse racing, the next great thing to turn the heads of casual fans.

Unless …

Unless the tragic memories are stirred again about Eight Belles and Ruffian, who both suffered fatal injuries while running against colts.

Women. Can’t live with ’em. Can’t hop on their backs and ride them for nine-and-a-half furlongs. Oh, yeah, I guess that’s an image of Sarah Jessica Parker there and not a horse. That’s an honest mistake on my part and I’ll fix it right away. Shortly. Maybe.

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