It Got Sensual In Nashville When The Predators Beat The Penguins To Tie The Stanley Cup Final

It’s not just the catfish getting some action in Nashville these days. The Predators evened the Stanley Cup Final at two on Monday night, and fans got a bit frisky live on TV to celebrate the Game 4 win.

Nashville beat the Penguins 4-1 on Monday, taking both home games at a very loud Bridgestone Arena after losing the first two on the road. Fans threw fancy-hatted catfish onto the ice with Penguins in their mouths, and P.K. Subban and company put on a show in Smashville once again.

The enthusiasm for hockey in Nashville this postseason has been a major story, though late on Monday night the story was more about two Predators fans’ enthusiasm for each other.

Check out the couple on the right side of your screen as Channel 4’s Chris Harris takes us through a recap of the Predators win. The guy in a Predators shirt and a girl in a Predators helmet start canoodling and just don’t stop. The truly impressive part about all of this is that they just didn’t stop necking at any time during the live shot, including when Harris threw it to the postgame interviews from Predators players in the locker room.

They’re still going at it at the 1:30 mark when the truck goes back to Harris live outside of Bridgestone Arena, where he’s finally noticed he’s sharing the camera with the truest display of love the world has ever seen.

“People are fired up,” Harris says as the anchors in the studio finally break. “You see what’s happening here?”

“We may have conception going on. Like, do you remember when? I mean, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? This is how it is in Smashville, baby. This is how it is in Smashville. Let’s send it back to you before we get in trouble.

Look at the folks back in the studio watching this all unfold.

Lucky for Predators fans, the win means they’ll get one last home game on Sunday night to get some action. If the Predators can actually hoist the cup that night, who knows what we’ll see.