Watch President Obama Gleefully Laugh At Derek Jeter For Being Old

It would appear that President Obama enjoys inviting people into his home and then making fun of them for everyone to laugh at.

At least, that’s what happened when Derek Jeter visited the White House recently to hold a sit-down interview with the president for The Players’ Tribune. When Jeter asked Obama about his impending retirement, the commander in chief used the opportunity to throw some fantastic shade at the former Yankees shortstop over his age.

“I mean, for a baseball player, you were old, man. Let’s face it. I mean come on man, we saw you trying to run around those bases.”

While it might seem a bit funny for a 54-year-old politician to be handing out jabs to a 41-year-old sports legend over his age and athleticism, anybody who followed the final few years of Jeter’s career can confirm that he indeed looked pretty old. His farewell tour might as well have been sponsored by adult Depends.

The full one-on-one interview will drop on Wednesday, but this entertaining snippet is a pretty solid tease. We can only hope that Jeter responded to the age joke by reminding Obama that he once threw a first pitch that looked like this:


Once they’re both retired, they’ll have to settle this beef with a competitive round of golf followed by some shots of Metamucil in the clubhouse.