Watch A Cocky President Obama Celebrate A 40-Foot Chip Shot

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12.22.15 3 Comments

President Obama plays a lot of golf, as much as any President before him not named Dwight D. Eisenhower. According to CNN, he had played 247 rounds through January of 2015. That’s a lot of golf. And when you play that much, you’re bound to get lucky, or something like that.

Take, for example, this little bump and run Obama played at the Mid Pacific Country Club in Hawaii — a solid 40-foot chip that found the bottom of the cup. Then he dropped the club like a boss. Our Commander-in-Chief is cocky as hell, apparently. I half expected him to channel Kirk Cousins and scream, “YOU LIKE THAT.” But I digress.

Let’s see how other sites are handling this highlight.

Barack Oabama golf


Barack Obama golf shot

NBC News

Glad the media is staying neutral on this. Happy Holidays!

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