President Obama Picks North Carolina To Win The NCAA Tournament

03.14.12 7 years ago 18 Comments

For the fourth consecutive year, ESPN sent its bracket guru Andy Katz to the White House to get President Obama’s pick for the NCAA TournamWHY’S HE PICKIN BASKETBALL GAMES WHEN WURR AT WAR?! After picking Kansas for the past two years, Obama picked North Carolina to win it alBUT THE ‘CONOMY IS IN THE DUMPS WHY DON’T HE FIX THAT?1 He also picked the Tar Heels in 2009, when they won the tournament with strong play from point guard Ty Lawson and All-American power forward Tyler HansbroWHY CAN’T HE LIKE A AMURRRICAN SPORT LIKE BASEBALL OR FOOTBALL AND NOT ONE FULLA SHOWBOATIN’ THUGS WHO DONN EVEN STAY IN SCHOOL?! His analysis was pretty sound, pointing out that North Carolina has more veteran leadership than the other heavy favorite, Kentucky, who is relying on a roster full of freshman and sophomores, including top NBA prospect Anthony DavOH I BET HE PICKED NORTH CAROLINA BECAUSE SOME OF HIS ***HOMEBOYS*** ARE ON THE TEAM. HE SHUDDA PICKED A GOOD HARD-WORKIN’ SCHOOL LIKE INDIANA OR WISCONSIN!

He also got to give a shout out to Harvard, the Ivy League’s representative in the tournament, and where he went to to law schWHY AREN’T THERE ANY MILITARY SCHOOLS IN THE TOURNAMENT? SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! I think we can all agree this is a fun little exercise, and certainly not anything to get upset ovAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH SOSHALISM!

I hate politics.

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