A ‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Screamed ‘Roll Tide’ After Spinning The Wheel

God bless Annette. She knew this would be her one chance on national television and she did not let it go to waste. The Price Is Right contestant spun the wheel and went right into it. She said hello to family, her friend who brought her, and then got the part she probably cared most about.


Just like her Alabama Crimson Tide in the national title game, she came up just short of winning when her spins took her over $1. Sadly, another woman who went to Clemson did not come on stage and win.

This is the best sports-related thing to happen on TPIR since Kevin Garnett took out his phone and recorded his TV because he saw someone wearing a Garnett shirsey on the show. There was also the time that a college football player, who didn’t go to Alabama, won the Showcase Showdown.

It’s wonderful when two great things you don’t normally see together come together. Like bacon and pizza. Or Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Or sports and TPIR. If we can get a Nice Guys sequel where Crowe and Gosling chase down a sports person on the set of TPIR, well my friends, you’ve got perfection.

(Mark Armstrong on Twitter)