08.09.07 11 years ago 21 Comments

For all you people who like jogging but hate the way clothes make you sweat, well, just take them off.  That's what Catholicism taught me.

A Catholic priest faces an indecent exposure charge after jogging in the nude about an hour before sunrise. The Rev. Robert Whipkey told officers he had been running naked at a high school track and didn't think anyone would be around at that time of day… He told officers he sweats profusely if he wears clothing while jogging.

If convicted of indecent exposure, Whipkey will have to register as a sex offender, which I think is a bit extreme.  I write at least three posts a day that are more offensive than a naked priest.  He's not nearly as perverted as I am, and you don't see me registering as a sex offender anywhere.  My parents are so proud.  All those years of sexual abuse finally paid off.


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