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The Louisiana State Penitentiary is commonly referred to as “Angola,” because hey, prison isn’t already scary enough.  And this particular clink is host to the longest-running prison rodeo in the nation (there are others?), the aptly named Angola Prison Rodeo.  From the blog:

Yes, that’s right, the entire rodeo takes place in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, and the inmates perform the rodeo, just for your pleasure…

The last event of the rodeo is stated to be the best event by the Penitentiary. “Gut’s [sic] and Glory” makes inexperienced inmates retrieve a poker chip from the meanest and toughest Brahma bull available.

A step in the right direction.  Now we just need to get rid of the bulls and have them kill each other for sport.

Also, the prison rodeo will be featured on an upcoming episode of Real Sports on HBO, where you’ll be treated to this groin-grabbingly good quote from an inmate:

“[The bull’s] horn hooked me right up under my testicles, ripped them, and I looked down and both of my testicles were hanging in my hand. I mean, it wasn’t torn off from the body but they were just hanging in the skin. I looked at them and that’s when I felt the pain.”

That’s probably also when he wished he hadn’t robbed that liquor store.

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