A Pro Golfer Managed To Hit Himself Right In The Nuts With A Shot

10.26.15 2 years ago 2 Comments


Those of us who have golfed a few times in our life all have had our fair share of embarrassing moments on the course. Whether it is whiffing on a drive, or shanking one onto the highway, or even if you’re really bad, hitting the ball backwards.

Still, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a golfer needing to wear a cup while they’re playing, but unfortunately for sunshine-tour professional Jacques Kruyswijk, he probably wishes he was wearing one after this shot.

That is brutal. A pro golfer could hit that shot 1,000 times and only have that happen once, even if they were trying. The logistics of hitting the tree in the exact right spot for it to ricochet right into that spot is tough to duplicate. To make matters even worse, Kruyswijk not only had to deal with the pain of his own misplayed shot, but he was also assessed a one-stroke penalty and eventually finished the hole with a 7.

Unfortunately for Kruyszwijk, not only did he become possibly the first golfer ever to hit himself in the nuts with his own shot, but it was caught on camera as well.

Probably a good spot to use your mulligan.

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