Pro Tip: Don’t Take Off An Opponent’s Helmet And Try To Beat Him To Death With It

Yesterday we shared a Texas high school football brawl that went on for ten violent minutes and ended with the stern punishment of “one kid having to write a paper about sportsmanship.” Today we’ve got a clip of a Pennsylvania high school football player ripping off his opponent’s helmet and repeatedly bashing him in the head with it, which means he’ll have to write a sportsmanship paper AND have to stay after school. Just kidding, he’s being charged with assault.

Here’s video of the kid “allegedly” doing those things, including “allegedly” bringing his opponent’s helmet up over his head with both hands and bashing him in the skull with it like he’s Thor swinging f*cking Mjölnir.

And another angle:

Regardless of the punishment, I hope we can all agree to politely keep that kid the hell away from blunt objects and crowds for the rest of his life.

[second angle via Bob’s]