Pro Wrestler Made It On Price Is Right

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03.29.11 7 Comments

This is a few weeks old but I didn’t see it until now, so it is essentially brand new, but professional wrestler Brian Kendrick was a contestant on The Price is Right recently, and it wasn’t part of a promotion or a gimmick. He was just there as an audience member and they called his name. The former WWE and WCW and current TNA performer outbid an Asian coed, Tyler Perry and the guy from My Name is Earl for a popcorn machine that cost over $3,000. No word yet on who Kendrick got to throw into it.

Kendrick went on to lose Secret X, which is one of the easiest TPIR Games (the X is never in the middle!), and then he lost to a shockingly un-hot female nerd on the wheel. It’s fine that he lost to the girl and not Jon, whose voice makes deaf people cry. Jon also said hi to his children but he failed to say what breeds they are.

Kendrick’s appearance after the jump, as well as his very memorable WWE debut…

Kendrick and his WWE tag team partner Paul London had one of the longest title runs in the company’s history, but more importantly Kendrick was born on the same day as me and he already conquered two of my life’s biggest ambitions – competing on The Price is Right and being a pro wrestler. I wanted to be The Vet, and bring animals to the ring with me. My finishing move would be called “The Fix” and I’d say, “You’ve been neutered.” I still have time, I guess.

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