Pro Wrestler Tattoo Trivia Challenge: Answers and Winners

The second installment of the With Leather Adjectives and Adjectives Athlete Tattoo Contest comes to a close with two major realizations: One, that pro wrestlers have the worst tattoos ever, and two, that I probably could’ve made this a little easier. Apparently, Harley Race is too esoteric for most people. Wrestler Tattoos 2 will just be 30 pictures of Undertaker’s SARA neck tattoo, and everyone will win a shirt!
But we did manage to have a winner (guessing 27 correct out of 30), so it’s time for the big reveal. If you see a guy and you don’t recognize the name, spend a few minutes on YouTube or Wikipedia learning about them, about who they are, and watching some of their matches. Unless of course you didn’t know who Shannon Moore was. If that’s you, please, don’t spend any of your life’s time researching Shannon Moore.
Click through and see who you missed. If you’re that guy who won, brag by doing crotch chops and saying The Rock’s catchphrases in the comments section.

Pretty sure that’s a tattoo of a bookcase.

Shocked by how many people missed this.