Prop Bets For The Eagles And Patriots You Need For Your Super Bowl Party

02.04.18 1 year ago

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The Super Bowl is just hours away, which means you’re probably getting ready to go to or are already at a viewing party. Super Bowl parties can be great, what with all the food and football and friends and beverages, but the way to take your Super Bowl party experience to the next level is with prop bets among friends.

Super Bowl props have become a huge part of the game, as Las Vegas takes in well over $100 million in bets on the game each year, with a generous boost from the crazy list of props you can bet on. Prop bets are in general sucker bets, but they’re also really fun. The way I suggest you go about your props is by keeping it relatively low risk and among friends, rather than firing on the prop sheet and putting too much legitimate money on absurd bets.

Having a group of your friends all come over with $20 in ones (or a higher amount if y’all really feel like getting aggressive) and going head-to-head in random props can be one of the most fun ways to spice up the four-hour marathon that is the Super Bowl. You can take props from the various books that put out sheets or make up your own as the game goes on. For example, before a commercial break maybe throw a dollar down on which beer company or truck company will show up in that block, or just call out an over/under on yards before a random play and see who’s willing to take the opposite side.

We’ll look at a number of the props from Westgate (full sheet here) and those from Bovada (full list here), where you can find props on the halftime performance and more that Vegas isn’t allowed to offer.

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