Providence Players Beat Up RA

04.13.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

I’m assuming most of you that read this website went to college (that’s a lie), and thus you went through at least one year of dorm living. Who was the most hated person in the dorm? The residential advisor. He or she was the person that stayed for free but had to bust you for sneaking in that 30 pack of ‘Stones up the stairwell.

Looking back, you feel a little sorry for them. The job must have sucked, because you were the a$$hole that ruined the fun for all the little fishes. Another thing that would make your life suck? Getting beat up by two college basketball players.

That’s what happened to 21-year-old Yerkin Abdrakhmanov, a RA from Kazakhstan that got beat up by Johnnie Lacy and James Still, freshman basketball players at Providence who said they were going to beat up the next male that walked by.

Just so happened to be Yerkin.

The players “said they were going to beat up the next male they saw,” Ippolito said, reading from a police report. “The victim was just in the wrong place.”

He said Yerkin Abdrakhmanov suffered a broken nose and eye socket, and other injuries, and was treated in Rhode Island Hospital.

“This is a serious assault — without a motive,” Magistrate Joseph P. Ippolito Jr. said. —Providence Journal

We’ve all done stupid things as college kids (just check my early Facebook photo albums), but beating up some random exchange student for walking? At what point are collegiate athletes going to learn that doing these types of things will always become public?

If you don’t want the fanfare, I will gladly take your 6-foot-9-ness from you.

(Also, the photo is presumably James Still’s doing his best to emulate his future in collegiate basketball.)

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