Punching Bag 1, This Drunk Guy 0

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.05.11 3 Comments

Some things are just naturally funny. “Drunk people who fall down so hard they look like they got dragged across the room by a giant vacuum” and “people who do bad karate to punching bags and end up hurting themselves” are two big ones, so this clip of a guy throwing some Muay Thai knees to a heavy bag and eating floor is pretty much amazing. He bobs his shoulders like a bad-ass (or something) and then gets yanked into the darkness like some Tony Jaa remake of Paranormal Activity. All it needed was somebody throwing up and it would’ve been the first two minutes of next week’s “Tosh.0”.

I also love that his name is “Geoff”, which is such an aborted spelling of “Jeff” that it makes him read like a Street Fighter character.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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