The Punishment For Starting A High School Football Brawl? A Report On Sportsmanship

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Texas high school brawl

On Saturday, the Dayton (TX) Broncos defeated the LC-M Bears 49-16 in a very heated high school football playoff game, but it’s not the actual gameplay that made everything about this contest so exciting. During the third quarter, a player from each team got into a fight that soon became a ridiculous 10-minute brawl between both teams. Once the referees finally stopped the brawl – after they presumably went for coffee and maybe a scone – the game was finished and the University Interscholastic League was notified of the skirmish.

In case you’re curious how a governing body like the UIL handles violent incidents like this, it doesn’t. Instead, it’s the school’s responsibility to make sure the players are punished and learn the importance of good sportsmanship. Needless to say, Dayton High School’s administrators have handled this with great urgency and seriousness.

UIL media coordinator Kate Hector says there’s not much more the state agency can do, further discipline would have to come from the school districts themselves.

A Dayton ISD spokeswoman told 12News the team did get a tough talking to about sportsmanship and the Dayton player who was ejected has to write a report about sportsmanship and send it to the UIL. (Via 12 News Now)

Oh my, a tough talking to? A report about sportsmanship? These are game-changers. Why, there may never be another fight in sports again after this. Today, reports on sportsmanship. Tomorrow, world peace.

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