An Important Breakdown Of The Very Good Dogs In This Year’s Puppy Bowl

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The Puppy Bowl is back on Feb. 5, and Puppy Bowl XIII promises to rescue us from what could be a disappointing football game with an overload of pups trying their hearts out to win over America’s love. These are all very good dogs that just want to get out there and play their way into a forever home.

This year’s Puppy Bowl will feature 78 different dogs from 34 different rescue agencies across the country, which means Team Ruff and Team Fluff are full of adorable pups who need very good homes. Here’s a sneak preview of the event, but let’s take a closer look at some of the little guys you’re gonna want to boop on the snout and adopt on Super Bowl Sunday.

Team Fluff

Name: Alexander Hamilpup
Breed: Pomsky
Age: 19 weeks
Shelter: Florida Little Dog Rescue, Florida

Scouting Report:
There’s a million things this dog hasn’t done, but just you wait. It’s in favor of a strong central government and bursting with pride, but also, oh my god look at that little guy’s ears, I bet he wants to be scratched forever and will love you always.

Is It A Good Dog?
A legacy is planting seeds in a garden you never get to see grow, but yes absolutely this is a good dog. Come on now.

Name: Blitz
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 15 weeks
Shelter: Miami-Dade County Animal Services, Florida

Scouting Report:
Blitz isn’t much of a linebacker, but tell him to go long, and this little guy will play catch with the best of them. Scouts are thrilled that he will run any route to track down a ball. And fast. He’s also extremely fluffy.

Is It A Good Dog? Is that tiny band of white fluff starting on his forehead and running between his eyes and to his little nose enough of an answer, or do I have to spell everything out for you?

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