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There isn’t anything particularly entertaining about this clip, but it’s what passes for drama in the NBA.  In last night’s Suns-Rockets game (Houston won 94-82), the Suns’ Matt Barnes took a cheap shot at Rafer Alston when his screen became more of a shove.  Alston charged Barnes, Steve Nash came into the fray, Nash was pushed to the floor by Tracy McGrady, then McGrady was pushed to the floor by Shaq.  No one is big enough to push Shaq to the floor, so that was pretty much that.  Barnes and Alston were ejected, seven techs were handed out, and the game continued.

A lot of people are crediting the coaches and refs for keeping this under control, but I’d like to think that the soothing influence of Ron Artest had something to do with it as well.

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