A Python Stopped For Lunch On A Golf Course To Eat A Dang Wallaby

This is a question for non-Australians: When you think of Australia, what comes to mind? Pleasant human culture, sure, but also probably animals unfamiliar to your native land and seemingly twice as deadly, right? That perspective only becomes more Australian when those animals are engaged in implausible deathly struggle, and when that nature invades on human spaces carved into what should have been an inhospitable landscape, you have a true gem of down under.

A game of golf at the Paradise Palms club in north Queensland province was interrupted by a brush python consuming a wallaby, resulting in the grotesque photo above. Experts believe that the python likely sneak-attacked the wallaby by dropping on it from a tree, prompting a fight to the death that rolled onto the 17th fairway. If you ever needed a reminder that golf courses raze massive swathes of land meant for nature — as brutal and terrifying as nature may be — for the purpose of one of the most decadent leisure activities out there, here it is for you.

Robert Willemse, the golfer who happened upon the scene and took that photo, added this important footnote which we’d like to share with you:

“I heard later on… as other golfers and staff members came out to have a look at it, that it did actually succeed in swallowing it all and then it rolled into a dry creek nearby and slithered away into the bush, probably to digest its rather large meal,” he said.

Well, at least no one interrupted its meal. Now imagine a python slithering around with a wallaby inside it, and enjoy your next round of golf.

(Via AFP)