Quiddich Now An Official Sport At Florida…Sort Of

11.12.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Quiddich is gaining traction as a sport, which is pretty amazing considering that its origins came from the mind of an English woman working in a coffee house on the best-selling series of books in our day. The game has just turned a corner of sorts, as the University of Florida now has a quidditch organization recognized by the school.

Quidditch, a game from the Harry Potter books [Editor’s note: No sh;t], involves flying around on broomsticks, but the UF students haven’t mastered that yet, so they run around with PVC between their legs as they fight over four half-deflated balls.

It’s a very physical game, despite being coed. But unlike basketball, bloody players don’t have to leave the field.

–St. Pete Times, via ShareBro Spencer.

Most clubs at American universities–athletic or not–can petition their respective schools and wind up with some money. But this? Somebody should have beaten this to death with one of those PVC pipes those idiots are using. Those aren’t even brooms! But to be fair, those are some pretty nice cans.

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