R.I.P. Old Giants Stadium Pressbox [Video]

05.20.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Seriously, how long does it take to tear down a stadium? Oh, I forgot that we’re dealing with people from New York and New Jersey, people who think that the United States doesn’t extend west of the Erie Canal. That would explain why they decided to make the press box at Giants stadium something of a free-standing structure, one that demolition company Gramercy Group decided to just yank down in a very low-tech way.

A traditional ‘pull-down’ method successfully and safely brought the structure to the ground after weeks of preparation.

Using their 2 Caterpillar dozers and 2 Komatsu loaders the front support columns were first pulled out of the way. This allowed 3 of their Komatsu and 3 of their Hitachi excavators to pull the structure with heavy cables wrapped around structural columns on the top floor of the Press Box, 185 feet up. –Stephen SetteDucati’s YouTube page.

And here’s a good spot for me to gripe about over-editing. The press box is plummeting to earth, and that’s pretty cool by itself, so why the hell did SetteDucati decide to turn it into Cloverfield? And I love how they hose it off after the fact. And did they doublecheck to make sure that structure was actually empty? Hey, it’s north Jersey. There could have been two families’ worth of Croatian immigrants living in there.

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