Rafael Nadal Is Making Us Look Bad

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03.09.11 3 Comments

Armani released its newest men’s underwear ad this week and it features men’s tennis superstar Rafael Nadal in just his jeans and manties, as he shows off his abs and whatever else it is that he thinks he should be proud of. So there you have it, ladies. You get some candy on With Leather today. But I don’t know what the big deal is – Oooooooh, he’s Spanish and a phenomenal athlete and wealthy and exotic and “in shape” and young and handsome and barely at the peak of his game. Big freaking whoop.

Let me ask you this – can Nadal walk into almost any bar in downtown Orlando and get a beer within 30 seconds? OK, he probably could, but until he does, he can bite me because I’m a real man, thank you very much.

Stupid sexy video after the jump…

(Via Just Jared)

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