NFL Owners Are Expected To Pass The Vote To Move The Raiders To Las Vegas

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Despite an 11th hour effort by Oakland’s mayor to keep the Raiders in O-Town, (along with a few painted fans that will seemingly dress up for anything involving the raiders), it looks like the Raiders will get the 24 votes needed to move the franchise to Las Vegas.

USA Today is reporting that the owners on board with the relocation, who have spoken anonymously, believe the move is, “the best thing for the Raiders.” Naturally, the armored fans in Oakland and pundits have mixed feelings.

While some still hope for a miracle, all signs point to the deal getting done as early as possible Monday morning. With the promise of $750 million in public funding for a state of the art stadium and a growing and vibrant Sin City (which, studies show, is expanding rapidly enough to sustain the behemoth franchise with a GDP that will pass Oakland’s by 2034), it would be shocking if the vote failed.

Jerry Jones, who has publicly backed the Raiders moving from their longtime home, said: “It’s gonna be an exciting day for Vegas.” Considering Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Jones and a handful of others have come out in support of the move, it looks like it’s time for the bay to bid adieu to the Silver and Black.

(Via USA Today)