The Raiders Antonio Brown Offer Gets Shot Down By Pittsburgh In ‘Madden’

03.10.19 4 months ago

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The Steelers were effectively forced to trade Antonio Brown this offseason after the star wide receiver made it clear he would not be a positive presence in Pittsburgh anymore if his request was not granted.

Still, when the Oakland Raiders ended up being the team to land Brown via trade (after a Bills trade fell through due to Brown’s unwillingness to go to Buffalo), the return for Brown, even understanding the circumstance, seemed light. Pittsburgh received Oakland’s 2019 third and fifth round draft picks, meaning the Raiders basically flipped Amari Cooper, a third, and a fifth for Antonio Brown and a first.

I have no idea how the Mike Mayock-Jon Gruden ex-TV analyst tandem will work long-term, but even if they lucked into this a bit, that’s a pretty good start. Now, there’s obviously a lot that goes into this from the side of Pittsburgh having almost no leverage in negotiations, but it is still funny to fire up Madden and try this trade out for yourself, only to find the Steelers swiftly shut it down.

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