01.10.10 9 years ago

Back in July of 2008, MMA fighter Rampage Jackson caused quite a bit of chaos in Newport Beach, CA when he went on a hit-and-run spree and evaded police.  It’s a wonder they ever caught him, though, since the master of disguise was driving a truck with his picture and name plastered all over it.

Last week Jackson had his final day in court and was given 3 years of informal probation, set to expire on January 7, 2013.

The Santa Ana, Calif., judge dismissed Jackson’s felony evading police charge and upheld his conviction for misdemeanor reckless driving because he completed 200 hours of community service, submitted to random drug testing and underwent psychological counseling.

“I will never see that judge in a courtroom again,” Jackson told the Orange County Register after the hearing. “I don’t see myself doing anything crazy again… I want to be a positive role model.”–Fanhouse.com via MMAFighting.com

He basically used the temporary insanity defense citing lack of food and sleep deprivation as the culprit following his UFC 86 loss to Forrest Griffin.  Since we all know how tough on crime the State of California is, I’m sure the 3 years of informal probation is really going to teach him a lesson.  I mean, he already spent 200 hours picking up garbage and reading to children.  I can’t believe he’s not rocking in a corner somewhere in perpetual fugue due to such a traumatic sentencing.

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