Random Throwback Photo Of The Day: Sinbad Played College Basketball

04.27.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

When it comes to washed up 80s comedians, there’s not a guy I love more than Sinbad. For as hokey and gimmicky as he was, Sinbad was pretty damn funny, and I love that his career was painted with an exclamation point as perfect as Necessary Roughness. I am absolutely convinced that when he was called in for the script reading of that film, he was told: “You don’t have any lines, we were just hoping that you’d throw a bunch of slang out there and make black people want to see this movie.”

What I did not know, though, was that Sinbad was a basketball player at the University of Denver. I don’t know anything beyond that so I’m going to say that he led the team and conference in scoring with 69 points per game and he wore shiny track suits while he played. It just seems right.

(H/T to Storming the Floor)

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