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Tim Sylvia before fighting Randy Couture in UFC 68: "Randy's 43, I'm 30. I'm in my prime; he's out of his prime… Randy's track record with heavyweights isn't very good, and his track record with strikers isn't very good, either, and I'm the best of both."

Then Tim got punched in the face and knocked down in the first ten seconds of the fight. You can watch that here, but by popular demand, I hereby give you round three of the five-round decision that Couture ended up winning.

This reminds me of that time a little Asian woman bumped into me walking the other way in a subway station. You would not believe the dirty look I gave her. She didn't turn around, but man… I was SO ready to fight her.

And also: 43 years old?!?! If I live to be 43 the only 280-pounder I'll be punching will be my wife. Hey-o!

UPDATE: Well, ain't that some bullshit. Sorry about the video. Take my word for it, though: there was much punching. 

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