Randy Couture's Son Wants Him In His Corner For His UFC Fights

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The cast of Expendables 37, minus Vin Diesel and Jonathan Lipnicki.

Last week, Randy Couture inspired the national Mixed Martial Arts media to declare a collective, “What the f*ck, bro?” when he announced that he had signed a partnership deal with Bellator and Spike TV to be a coach on Fight Master: Bellator MMA. Couture, of course, is most widely associated with the UFC because, you know, he helped bring it to the forefront of American sports culture and he served as the face of the promotion for 15 years.

So you can imagine that UFC President Dana White wasn’t too happy with Couture’s new gig, enough that he proclaimed that Couture couldn’t even buy a ticket to a UFC event anymore. Of course that poses a bit of a personal problem for Couture, as his son Ryan now fights in the UFC and would like his father in his corner. Naturally, Randy would like that as well.

“My only real concern is my son and I’ve been a big part of Ryan’s career, certainly a big part of his last three training camps as he’s moved up in competition. I’ve helped him formulate some of those game plans in some of those camps and cornered him for his last three fights, so if that’s what Ryan needs and that’s what Ryan wants, then I am certainly willing to walk across that and address that issue, if Dana tries to preclude me from being a part of Ryan’s career,” said Couture. (Via MMA Weekly)

While that sounds like a thinly-veiled threat, one that could result in an awesome shouty-baldy-fighty showdown, Randy was clear that Ryan’s career is what matters most and he’s more than willing to let the bad blood dissipate between he and White.

“I think the dust will settle and some of this will go away, but I also know that Dana is one to hold a grudge. He’s not one to forget things and that’s probably why he’s had such the strong reaction that he’s had. He’s still hanging on and harboring some of the old animosity that he’s had from the issues that we had in the past, so it will be what it will be.”

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. In hindsight, why the hell didn’t White and the UFC reach out to Randy and Ryan about a father-son reality series? I get that maybe White doesn’t want to play favorites for the sake of ratings – I know, I’m laughing, too – and I’m sure we’d all rather see a Ronda Rousey show before anything else. But if White really did tell the younger Couture that the UFC is his house, then why wouldn’t the organization have Randy involved in some capacity? It’s almost as silly as the Chicago Cubs not having Ryne Sandberg as manager.
  2. Even if White somehow bans Randy from Ryan’s corner, might I suggest…

Dandy Couture, Ryan’s classier uncle. No one would ever be the wiser.

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