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It’s somewhat irresponsible that, for as little as we cover baseball around here, we’ve now done three posts on Randy Johnson (four if you count this one). Yes, Randy got that 300th win against the mighty Washington Nationals, allowing one run over six innings yesterday afternoon. And there’s nothing really new that I can say about it, except maybe give you some kinda blockquotage on the matter. This is from Rob Iracane at Walkoff Walk, who refuses to honor Johnson’s legacy because, well, Johnson is taller than he is:

He’s really tall: Life isn’t fair, I get it. But at six foot ten, Randy Johnson is almost a foot and a half taller than me and every time I see him on television, the announcers banter about his height and I am reminded that I stopped growing at age thirteen. Not down there though, ladies. I meant my belly.

Don’t fret, Rob. You just described every sportswriter in North America. Congratulations to Randy Johnson, who is still uglier today than you’ll ever be in your life. Hey, that Zack Greinke fellow’s rather handsome. And not in a gay Zack Efron sort of way, either.

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