Randy Moss Blanked, But Don't Stick A Fork In Him

10.05.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Tom Brady led his Patriots to victory for the 100th time in the regular season last night as the Patriots routed the Miami Dolphins, scoring on their AFC East rival in almost every conceivable way. New England scored TDs rushing, passing, on a kickoff return, on an pick-six, and on a blocked field goal. That game tape should serve as a veritable touchdown Kama Sutra.

But the bigger story is probably that Pats receiver Randy Moss, who already was rather grumpy heading into that Monday night game, finished the game with no catches. That hadn’t happened in four years, so naturally some people are clamoring that Moss is just washed up, that he’s just a decoy and ready to retire. Which is stupid.

Some of the credit for Moss’s shutout has to go to Dolphins defender Vontae Davis, who was assigned Moss for the night and only saw one ball thrown his way the whole game–a quick out thrown after Brady faked a clock-stopping spike, no less. Secondly, Tom Brady only threw 24 balls last night. Only once last year did Mr. Bündchen attempt so few passes.

I have no issue with Randy Moss; the guy wants a contract that he feels like he has earned and had the audacity to speak up about it. He’s still a great player, and his presence frees up all of those white receivers with whom he and Brady share a huddle. Some guys have off-nights, and Moss and the Pats were fortunate that his was trumped by a Dolphins team with horrendous special teams play. Of course, this is no consolation to anyone that needed points out of Moss in their fantasy league last night. That’s how it goes, I guess.

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