Randy Moss Doesn’t Really Care

10.04.06 11 years ago

Randy Moss, speaking to Chris Myers on talk radio, showed the intensity and drive the Raiders have displayed in losing the first three games of their season:

I'm doing good, man. I'm not even that too concerned with football right now. I'm just loving life.

And on the feeling in the locker room: 

I don't really know what the feeling is. But I know the feeling is bad, so that's saying no one cares about what's going on around here. I've said a few things. I've done most of the things I can do, and my thing is, if it's going to be relaxed, if I'm relaxed, then I guess that's what it is.

 Wow, with leadership like this, how can the Raiders NOT start winning games? He's like an MVP, only without the stats. Or the leadership. But I bet he's awesome to smoke pot with.

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