Randy Moss Implores You To Look At These Adorable Kittens He Found On Vacation

When you go on vacation, it’s rarely the planned moments that are the most memorable. What sticks out about your Paris trip, waiting on line for hours and seeing the top of the Eiffel Tower or meeting the gregarious owner of an out-of-the-way pastry shop? My point is, if you wake up early on vacation, you have more chances to be surprised and delighted. Like Randy Moss here, who was up working out at the crack of 7 a.m., and was rewarded with a surprise batch of kittens in his hotel lobby.

Moss appears to be at The Body Holiday resort in St. Lucia, but it wasn’t one of the advertised amenities that made his morning. It’s fun to hear anything said in Moss’ signature West Virginia twang, but to hear genuine delight is a rare treat. We’d be all on board for Randy to host an Animal Planet show where he plays the spiritual successor to Steve Irwin (or a smarter Brian Fellow).

MOSS: That’s a big bird up there, man. You can’t tell me that ain’t one of the biggest birds you’ve seen.

ZOOKEEPER: Well, yes, that’s the California condor — its wing span can reach up to 10 feet long.

MOSS: I’ll tell you, a wingspan that long’ll get you a long look from the pro scouts. *laughs at own joke, disarms zookeeper into laughing with him*

Anyway, hopefully Randy helped those kittens find a home.