Randy Moss Is A Hall Of Famer, So Let’s Watch Some Of His Career Highlights

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The 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame class is out, and my goodness is it absolutely loaded. Terrell Owens is in after controversially missing out last year, which was nonsense, but it’s great that he’s finally making it to Canton. In more news that will make Eagles fans happy, Brian Dawkins is also in. The remainder of the class on the defensive side of the ball comes in the form of Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher.

Rounding out the class is Randy Moss, who was the man. We here at Uproxx Sports love Moss, because watching him make professional athletes look like children on a weekly basis was fun. Everyone who made it into this class deserves to be praised, as all of them were absolute joys to watch over the course of their respective careers.

But of those five players, exactly one of them has a 9+ minute long compilation video from the NFL of every touchdown he scored that was longer than 40 yards in his career. That someone is Randy Moss. Let’s watch it together.

For his career, Moss had 982 receptions for 15,292 yards and 156 scores. He was at his best, though, when one of his quarterbacks would lob a ball in his general direction way down the field and he’d have to go make a play. Just ask Cowboys fans, who got to witness his coming out party on Thanksgiving in 1998.

And just for fun, here’s a clip from when he was in college and he took a screen pass 90 yards, which makes me laugh like a lunatic whenever I watch it because it’s insane.

This entire Hall of Fame class rules, and everyone who made it provided football fans with a bevy of unforgettable moments. Among that list of five players, though, none were as fun as Moss when he was locked in and destroying defensive backs without breaking a sweat.