Rasheed Shot 100 Percent Last Night

04.14.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

… as a Chicago Bull, and to be fair, he had a way better game helping Chicago out than he did for the Boston Celtics, the team that actually pays him $5.85 million this season. Rasheed Wallace had two points last night in the box score, going 1-for-7 from the field, and showing once again that he is arguably the worst player in the league that gets a decent amount of minutes.

Early in the fourth quarter, Brad Miller shot a jumper from just outside the elbow, only to have it miss and come directly down to the 6-foot-11 Wallace. Have you ever had a ball came out you from off a rim? You just grab it, right? Well, it appears Rasheed tried to do some Matrix-like re-rebound, where he tossed it off the backboard before he could handle it fully. Call it hot potato rebounding. The ball went in, the Bulls gained two more points because of Wallace, and thus defining the 2010 Boston Celtics.

Honestly, watch the video again, and look at Wallace’s face after the ball goes through the hoop. Isn’t that the exact expression every Celtics fans in the world has had after ever Rasheed three-point attempt, or lazy defensive effort?

It’s like the city of Boston sold their souls to the devil when they got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. “Let us win this one championship, and then you can give us whatever trash you have out there on the free market? Nate Robinson? Heck yeah, bring him in!”

If this teams makes it to the second round of the playoff, I’ll eat my bandwidth.

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