The NFL Fined Ravens Defender Marcus Peters For Chugging A Beer With Fans After A Win

The Baltimore Ravens have already played and won another football game since beating the Buffalo Bills on the road last Sunday, but there was still a little housekeeping for the NFL to do over the victory before the rest of Week 15 kicked off.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens bulldozed the Jets to start Week 15 on Thursday night, but on Saturday one of its defenders, Marcus Peters, was handed a fine for the way he celebrated the team’s last win. Peters played a pivotal role in that win, knocking away a Josh Allen throw that could have tied the game in a close one against the Bills.

You might notice from the broadcast, but Peters found some Ravens fans in the seats in Orchard Park after the game-winning play, jumping into the crowd and actually grabbing a beer from a fan and pouring it on himself. The act was more ceremonial than actually about drinking beer, as little of it actually got into his mouth. But on Saturday the NFL announced that Peters would be fined for the act.

That news drew its own kind of outrage, as the celebration with fans was not exactly a negative thing for anyone involved. But Peters seemed extremely fine with the, well, fine. He tweeted out a series of beer mug emojis when news of the decision hit Twitter.

And he might actually get to do some good with the situation, too. Bud Light quickly tweeted its support of Peters and offered to make a matching donation to a charity of his choice, something he quickly seemed to be open to.

It’s silly that the NFL disciplined what was a very cool celebration, but there could have been worse outcomes here.