Just What 2013 Needed: A ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.18.13 7 Comments

are you f**king kidding me

If you needed a reason to hate the Baltimore Ravens, here is a group of their fans becoming an accessory to a goddamn Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’ cover in 2013. 2013. They went with ‘Bring On Brady’ as their hook, too, which apes the “Brady sounds like maybe, let’s do a Call Me Maybe parody about him” joke somebody made eight months ago.

Was the decision-making process just flipping a coin? Heads, we do ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Tails, we do ‘Gangnam Style.’ Come on, you guys have so much to work with. I wrote like 80% of a Ray Lewis ‘Murder Was The Case’ parody in my head while anger-typing this. It’s not that hard.

Bonus points for the guy in the background being weirdly possessive and flattering himself at the same time, though:

[h/t to Larry Brown Sports]

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