Ravens Fans Want Their Tsunami Donations Back

04.08.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Here’s an odd story out of Baltimore that makes Cleveland look almost respectable by comparison. Five Baltimore Ravens showed up to sign autographs for a Red Cross fundraiser, but then fans got bent out of shape when three players left early. The fans, who paid $50 each to get in, raised over $60,000 for tsunami relief efforts in Japan, but some of that money might be going back into those purple camo pants pockets.

[Some fans] didn’t get signatures from Ed Reed, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice because those Ravens star players didn’t stay for the entire three-hour event.[..]

Red Cross officials said their role was to provide volunteers for the event and didn’t organize it. Defensive backs Haruki Nakamura and Chris Carr remained so everyone who donated money would receive an autograph.

But officials said any fans that didn’t receive their desired autographs and want a refund can call 410-624-2030. The Red Cross will need proof of the donation.

–Ravens Insider [Insider? I barely know her!]

The Red Cross already pledged $10 million to tsunami relief in Japan, which is pretty amazing. They just figured that Americans would just give that much to the cause. I’m not saying that Japan didn’t suffer an amazing tragedy, but think about that: the Red Cross just knew that we’d give that much. Is that enough to buy our way out of hell for all the tsunami jokes we’ve made? I need a ruling on this.

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