A Gambler Lost A 15-Team, $100,000 Parlay Because Of A Ravens Field Goal


What looked like it was going to be a Monday Night Football mauling by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots ended up being a pretty exciting game. Of course, the Pats’ 30-23 win was only really close because of mistakes made by New England’s kick returners. Namely rookie Cyrus Jones, who might be nearing Private Pyle soap-sock treatment after his fourth fumble of the season, and Matthew Slater, who fumbled on a kickoff return.

Fortunately for them, mattress spokesman and eventual Hall-of-Famer Brady did what he does best and dissected the Ravens’ defense like a frog in science class, and the rest is film to be studied in Baltimore’s practices.

But as much as people love a good football game, they also love stories about bad gambling luck. That’s when ESPN’s human press release Darren Rovell shines, as he brings us this story of a man who came within one point of an incredible payoff.

A man who bet $5 on a 15-leg parlay card at a William Hill sports book in Nevada needed the New England Patriots to win by more than seven points to win $100,000 on Monday.

Because the Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens by exactly seven, 30-23, the result of the 15th game of the parlay, after the previous 14 had come through, was a push. (Via ESPN)

I bet Monday Night Football must have been extra tense and exciting for that guy. Sure, he only really lost five bucks, but he had to have been thinking about what he’d spend his winnings on. Maybe a jet ski or a party boat with a cool name like “Brady in the Lake.” Alas, his boat dreams will have to wait for another 15-game parlay. In the meantime, he can try to sleep at night as visions of Brady beating up a water bottle over a botched touchdown dance in his head.