A Gambler Lost A 15-Team, $100,000 Parlay Because Of A Ravens Field Goal

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12.13.16 4 Comments


What looked like it was going to be a Monday Night Football mauling by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots ended up being a pretty exciting game. Of course, the Pats’ 30-23 win was only really close because of mistakes made by New England’s kick returners. Namely rookie Cyrus Jones, who might be nearing Private Pyle soap-sock treatment after his fourth fumble of the season, and Matthew Slater, who fumbled on a kickoff return.

Fortunately for them, mattress spokesman and eventual Hall-of-Famer Brady did what he does best and dissected the Ravens’ defense like a frog in science class, and the rest is film to be studied in Baltimore’s practices.

But as much as people love a good football game, they also love stories about bad gambling luck. That’s when ESPN’s human press release Darren Rovell shines, as he brings us this story of a man who came within one point of an incredible payoff.

A man who bet $5 on a 15-leg parlay card at a William Hill sports book in Nevada needed the New England Patriots to win by more than seven points to win $100,000 on Monday.

Because the Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens by exactly seven, 30-23, the result of the 15th game of the parlay, after the previous 14 had come through, was a push. (Via ESPN)

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