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Okay, I've already made fun of the cover, but the S.L. Price story on Ray Lewis's new life as a devout Christian — presently locked away from non-subscribers — really needs some extra attention. Let's look at a few choice quotes.

"God has done something in my life — and not just for me to see it," Lewis says softly. Then his eyes flash, and he starts shouting, pointing. God has done something in my life for ev-ery hat-er, ev-ery enemy…. " A noise — "whooooaaa!" — rises out of the rows at the Empowerment Temple in northwest Baltimore, like the roar of an ocean wave gathering itself to crest. "… every person who said I wouldn't walk or ever play again!"

And now I'm scared. And a little confused. When was he paralyzed?

For when you ask him, and often when you don't, Lewis will tell you these days that he's "anointed," that he enjoys "favor," that he is a "king" charged with fostering a national ministry on the order of Martin Luther King Jr. and that, once football is done, his mix of piety and street cred… will drag even the most hardened hearts to the light.

I doubt it. But I guess it's nice that he's not killing people any more. 

After Baltimore's season-opening win at Tampa Bay this season, three of Lewis's sons were standing outside the Ravens' locker room, their dad's name and number on their backs. A woman walked up to their mother and, speaking just above their heads, hissed, "I can't believe you let your kids wear that murderer's jersey."


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