Watch Ray Lewis Call Out Jimmy Graham For Being A ‘Queen Tight End’

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The talking heads on NFL pregame shows spout so much drivel on a nightly basis, it can be difficult to pay close attention at all times. But even if you were zoning out on Monday Night Countdown, Ray Lewis’ comments on Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham probably made you sit up in your seat, wondering, “Did I really just hear that?”

Lewis and Trent Dilfer were absolutely going in on Graham in the pregame show, criticizing him for not being a good run blocker and the Seahawks for deploying him incorrectly. Dilfer pointed out that in the Seahawks’ first three games, the team averaged zero yards per carry on plays in which Graham was an in-line blocker. That’s cogent analysis backed up by hard evidence — well done, Trent!

But then Ray Lewis comes in, and might as well have made fart noises with his mouth. Here’s what he said:

“Listen, and so this is what happens — and I want the people at home to really understand this — this is what happens when you’re a defensive team, and you understand that you’re playing with a tight end who defends the run the way [Trent] just showed on film. Of course, it’s not an attack on Jimmy. It’s just facts, right? It’s one thing about the eye in the sky: The eye in the sky don’t lie. Right? And so when you talk about what he can’t do is, he’s a queen tight end. He’s the opposite of what I used to be playing against.”

That’s Ray Lewis for you — incomperehensible rambling, punctuated by a homophobic slur! He made Trent Dilfer sound like a Rhodes scholar, and offended countless people in the process. NFL pregame shows are the worst.

(Via The Big Lead)