Today’s Winner: Razorbacks United We Stand

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.10.12 2 Comments

Some videos are made viral. Some videos are viral in the womb. Ladies and gentlemen, RAZORBACKS United We Stand.

EDSBS and Deadspin have just shared this video of a woman in a Razorbacks helmet (not the one Arkansas wears on the field, an actual hog-shaped helmet) and flair (“Hogs Are Beautiful”) singing United We Stand “in the style of Brotherhood Of Man” to celebrate the team’s 34-31 loss to Louisiana-Monroe. Maybe I should’ve put celebrating in quotes. I’m not sure what she’s doing, and frankly I started getting dizzy about 30 seconds into it. Oh, also, she’s got tape on her nose like Pee-wee Herman doing “mad dog” in his bathroom mirror.

Hopefully you’ll get to see this before it gets taken down, because every Arkansas fan with access to YouTube is demanding it. Sample responses: “Please take this down, lady. This is embarrasing”, “please take this down before it goes viral” and “Kill yourself”. This might be the viral video equivalent of Gia Carangi — too beautiful to die, too wild to live.

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