Reaction To Big Ten’s Division Names ‘Humbling’

12.20.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

The Big Ten Conference acknowledged their new division names probably weren’t as awesome as they originally thought. While the 12-school league did get credit for creating competitively balanced sets of teams, the groaning inspired by the monikers of “Legends” and “Leaders” for those divisions were too overwhelming to ignore.

The concept behind “Legends,” [Big Ten commish Jim] Delany said, “was to celebrate great performers over a century and recognize the past. Obviously, to a great extent it has fallen on deaf ears.”

Delany also said it was “surprising” to read polls indicating that that 90 percent of people do not like the names. “It’s humbling, to say the least,” he said, “because we’re trying to build fan bases, not push them away.”

–Chicago Tribune.

Everyone gets bent out of shape with the Big Ten, and after all, they really are bad at the name thing. They don’t intend to re-name themselves the Big 1T2en or call their divisions any geography-inspired titles. But at least they’re not the Big East. Now there’s a football league that’s really screwed up.

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