The Reading Royals Are Celebrating Christmas With The Ugliest Sweaters You’ve Ever Seen

Thanks to some combination of irony and that scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary, ugly Christmas sweaters have become everyone’s favorite holiday “joke.” People have ugly sweater parties and places like Spencer’s sell “hilarious” “adult” versions. See? They’re so ironic I’m running out of quotation marks.

The ECHL Reading Royals are jumping on that bandwagon with Ugly Christmas Sweater sweaters, which will be worn in the team’s December 14th game against the Elmira Jackals and then auctioned off. They’re thorough, too. They feature reindeer, Christmas trees, snowflakes, Space Invaders (I think) and everything else you’d want in a Christmas sweater. Take a look:


Somehow they’ve managed to approach both the kitsch of the Tulsa Oilers Batman jerseys and the ugliness of the Landshut Cannibals brothel design. I want one so bad.

Study questions: Do minor league hockey players play so hard because they dream of being in the NHL, or because they don’t ever want to have to wear promotional jerseys like this again?

[h/t to SportsLogos]