Real-Life Eric Cartman Plays Canadian Pee-Wee Hockey, Is Not Hilarious

You know how ‘South Park’s’ Eric Cartman is a 10-year old who hates Jewish people, slurs everyone and once chopped up a kid’s parents and fed them to him in a bowl of chili? And it’s funny because he’s a fictional character on an animated comedy and ridiculously exaggerated for effect?

Yeah, that becomes way less funny when it happens in real life.

An 11-year-old [Pee-Wee hockey] defenceman was targeted during a team outing for being Jewish, said his mother who is also the team’s manager.

“We all went to an Oil Kings’ game on Friday and on the bus, the goalie of our team called my son a “f**king Jew,” she said, adding this player later told her son that Nazis killed Jews.

A second player from the same team, an 11-year-old biracial forward, told his parents this week that the same goalie targeted him at the beginning of the month.

The goalie told him “Your mom should go back to Africa where she belongs.” (via the St. Albert Gazette)

So, uh …

“(The league) was notified yesterday afternoon of the incident in question and based on a review of the information we received, the decision was made to suspend the player pending further investigation and a meeting with the parent,” he said, adding two league executives will attend the meeting.

He would not comment on whether there have been prior complaints filed against the player, and said no further comments will be provided.

We at With Leather get up on a righteous soapbox from time to time, and we’re just as quick to field “YOU’RE THE PC POLICE KIDS CAN SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT NYEAHH,” so I’ll save you all that and give you the most objective, astute analysis I can muster: that kid who got derisively called a Jew should’ve kicked this little 11-year old asshole’s ass. Just wrecked him where he stood. Additionally, anybody using “go back to Africa” at 11-years old in 2012 IN CANADA has probably suffered through the most f**ked-up child-rearing ever and should be with one of the other 34-million-and-change Canadians who won’t raise him to be a weird cartoon villain.

Or, you know, feed him someone in a chili.

[banner image via Flickr, story h/t to Prep Rally]