Really, Geoff Blum? Seriously?

07.05.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

I’ve never considered baseball to be a very violent game, but there are still plenty of ways one could get injured. Pull a hammy running to first base, that happens. Get hit in the noggin by a pitch, that might take you out for a couple of days. Running into a guy while going for a fly ball is pretty stupid, but those things happen in baseball. Every now and again you’ll hear of a ridiculous injury, but Geoff Blum’s most recent mishap takes it to another level. Blum was put on the 15 day DL Sunday for an elbow injury. Was he playing too much tennis? Nope, he was getting dressed.

Blum felt a “pop” in his elbow while putting on his shirt following Thursday’s contest against the Padres, according to manager Brad Mills(notes). With the soreness continuing into Friday, Blum was evaluated at a local hospital where doctors found “loose bodies” in the elbow.

“He was putting on his shirt after the game, and his elbow goes, ‘Boom, pop,’ and it blows up on him,” (manager Brad) Mills said. –MLB via –Big League Stew

I don’t know where this rates on a scale of 1 to Bill Gramatica, but either way that’s a pretty terrible way to get injured. Blum’s at the ripe old age of 37 so, it may be time for him to hang up his jersey, which ironically, may not be possible to do by himself. His numbers aren’t doing him any favors, either. Blum’s hitting .241 with no home runs and 14 RBIs this season in 137 at bats. Those stats have made him a hot fantasy commodity. He’s owned in .1% of all ESPN fantasy leagues. Speaking of injuries, I bet you’d love to watch five minutes of skateboarders falling down. I know I would.

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