Rebecca Grant Vs. Erin Andrews: The Worst And Sexiest Feud Of All Time

11.25.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Rebecca Grant’s Wikipedia disambiguation refers to her as “Sports Reporter, Maxim / FHM Model”. TMZ, being the Worldwide Leader In Kim Kardashian Excuses and Justin Bieber Baby Mama Drama, turns a five second interview with her about what she’s doing for Thanksgiving into a minute-and-a-half piece that simultaneously starts some sh*t with Erin Andrews and tries to get them to have sex with each other. It’s the kind of thing they’d give an award to, if the Emmys wasn’t an institution built on payola and gave awards to catty pricks in indoor wool beanies.

If we’re picking sides, though, I’m going with Erin. Sure, Rebecca is pretty hot, but she’s hot in a way that makes you think you could win her by throwing balls at milk jugs at a carnival. She looks like she should be Megan Fox’s stage mom. Also, Erin Andrews is a sideline reporter who just happens to be pretty. Rebecca’s resume says “former co-host of ‘NFL Under the Helmet'”, but right under it it says “Juggy – ‘Man Show'”. You can watch the FIRE STARTING video after the jump, but be warned, it might make you hate women and men.

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“Duuuuuude, hot chick!” This thing is seriously one forced pun away from being the Mr. Skin Minute. I’m definitely backing Erin. Also, how do I get these guys to follow me from my house to my car, I want to start beef with Peter Gammons.

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