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Cornell defeated Harvard 86-53 yesterday to claim their first Ivy League Championship since 1988. I suppose this makes sense because given a choice of Crayola crayons, Big Red is certainly more useful than Crimson. Plus, the lads from Cambridge can't shoot:

Harvard, which shot 15-for-62 overall, didn't hit a field goal in the last 4½ minutes of the half and nearly the first six minutes of the second half.

Hey Harvard, do you like apples? Well, if you had 62 apples, but only could get 15 of them into your barrel, you'd only 24.2% of your original total. How do ya like those apples? It's funny because Matt Damon said it.

Meanwhile in the ACC, Mike Krzyzewski earned his 800th victory as Duke rallied from as many as 13 points down to beat NC State 87-86. Good for him, maybe he'll consider returning to his hometown to coach some different azure imps. North Carolina also rallied from a large deficit, 18 points, to best Boston College 90-80. Tyrese Rice went 14 for 25 and scored 46 points, the most by a BC cager since 1964, proving that some college ballers in the Boston area can actually shoot the rock.

In other exciting games, Marquette squandered an 11-point lead and lost the battle of Jesuit schools to Georgetown in OT. Undoubtedly the Lord rigged the game to test the endurance of the future foot soldiers of the Pope. The Lord's always rigging games, or at least that's the explanation I'll use when my bookie asks about my financial misjudgment concerning the upset in Lubbock. -KD         

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