Reddit Users Really Love The L.A. Lakers

Over on Reddit, or the front page of the Internet as those kids have taken to calling it, the volume of sports content has been increasing lately, which is great because what we all need is more forums through which to debate sports. But it also means that fans of specific teams now have a chance to connect on arguably the most popular site on the web, and that’s cool, because it beats going to sporting events and actually interacting with real people. That’s not sarcasm, by the way.

Reddit user “pdxbass” decided to find out just how much clout a specific sports league’s fans have on the site, and hold on to your pants, because Los Angeles Lakers fans run the NBA world. Sorry, I tried to make it as suspenseful as I could, but it’s like asking people to predict what teenage boys liked more between a piece of celery and Kate Upton’s breasts.

Fortunately, we don’t need to talk just about the Lakers, because pdxbass made a large graph that shows us just how popular each team is, and it provides a pretty interesting breakdown.

The first thing that jumps out, as another Redditor points out, is that the defunct Seattle Supersonics have more subreddits than the Phoenix Suns and as many as the New Orleans Hornets. That’s some pretty strong dedication, Sonics fans, but David Stern still dances on your team’s grave after he eats baby birds for breakfast.

The other thing that I found surprising was that the Miami Heat only have 1,085 subreddits to the Lakers’ 3,622, Boston Celtics’ 2,479 and Chicago Bulls’ 2,466. That means that while people are busy reading posts about how Bill Simmons still thinks Dwight Howard is a joke or some random schlub believes the Lakers will turn it around soon, Redditors look more like these guys:

… than they do these guys: