09.18.07 11 years ago 20 Comments

The Redskins won 20-12 over the Eagles on Monday Night Football, and I have to say, the punting was simply excellent last night.  And so was the kicking game!  David Akers is totally a stud fantasy kicker.

But if you're one of those jackasses who doesn't respect the ancient rivalries of the NFC East and only likes "exciting" games, maybe last night wasn't for you.  Sure, the 'Skins D laid some hits out there, and Jason Campbell appears to be blossoming, but the only thing purpose this game served was to make people from DC even more insufferable about their overrated swamp of a festering national capital than they already were.

Anyway, since the game blew, check DC Sports Bog's awesome interaction with Eagles fans.

"This is how I feel. This is what happens when I wake up and I know it's football day. You just can't concentrate on anything else; you have trouble sleeping, you have trouble eating, you just come to the game…. "I have no choice, I kind of feel like this is what I have to do… I love this city, I love these fans. It's something that helps get you through. You work a 70-hour work week, it means nothing, because you come here, it's all worth it. That's how we do it in this city."

…said a man wearing bloody bandages around his face and a chain adorned with skulls and a doll representing a murdered Jason Campbell around his neck.  Also featured: a man with a Brian Dawkins tattoo and a child named Lito with a green mohawk.  Nice work by the Philly fans.  I was this close to feeling sympathy. 

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